Me, God, and an ocean sunrise

This morning i woke up at the extremely early hour of 5:30 and headed to the beach to spend some quality time with God and partake in some personal worship to Him. It’s funny, I lead worship ALMOST every day it seems, and I can’t honestly say that I remember the last time I had some one-on-one worship time! It was definitely refreshing and very much needed! I spent some time just praying and having a conversation with Him. I spend some time say sorry for some things and thanking Him for MANY things!

Another cool thing that happened was that for the first time in a long time I didn’t have my ipod playing ambient chill music in the background while I read. This was mainly due to the fact that I realized that by the time I had arrived at my select spot on the beach, I had left my headphones in the car! I think God wanted it that way. 😀

I say all this to throw some advice to those reading but to worship leaders in particular. We are always leading others in worship and having to focus on the music and all the other productional aspects of what we do, that its very easy to forget that we too need to have intimate times of worship with the Father. For those near a beach, i highly recommend getting up early and watching a sunrise over the ocean. It’s little things like that, that remind you how beautiful and artistic our Creator is! I mean after all, where do you think we get it from? 🙂 

I took these pics so you could see what I saw this morning while most of you were still sleeping 😉


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