Friar Tuck or Elmo? You decide!

Sooo I now know what it truly feels like to have people envious of you.. Thanks to Anna and Mikey Baur, I had the privilege of wearing a SNUGGIE!! it is stylish and comfortable! To be honest I feel like Elmo and I don’t hate it! Snuggies are awesome!photo-18


5 Responses to “Friar Tuck or Elmo? You decide!”

  1. Anna Baur Says:

    you’re right…this picture perfectly captures the joy of the snuggie!

  2. Definately a Friar Tuck! I hate those commercials where the whole family’s in a snuggie at the game. Just a little fruity. But if you like it…..

  3. Elmo lol
    you guys are awsome!!!!
    I missed u guys today
    Hopw was the drive back SD???

  4. Katelyn Proffitt Says:

    i dont thnk i would buy sumthing with the name of
    hahaha ur funny

    Katelyn Proffitt

  5. Snuggie is magical. Not to mention, it gives you the freedom to use your hands to work the remote, play on your laptop, or read, all in total warmth and comfort!
    Can a robe do that? No my friend, no it can not.

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