WATCH this!!!

More and more every week I feel our staff at Northwood Student Ministry is growing stronger every week. I truly feel privileged to work with these guys and love being able to say that they are just as much fellow employees and boss as my friends.

So all of this in mind.. I walk into the office after a Church Staff lunch at Wild Wings (delicious!!)  and I’m given this trendy watch! not only is it very “Elemental” looking (one of our environments is called The Element) but all of the guys have one! So not only do the staff all have matching watches now.. but this is actually my very first watch that I can recall owning!  I love these guys! 

Trendy Watch


4 Responses to “WATCH this!!!”

  1. Mikey Baur Says:

    Dude, with a snuggie and that watch, you could take over the world!

  2. Whoa! all kinds of goodies! You are officially cool now Brian! 🙂 jk 🙂

  3. Anna Baur Says:

    sounds like a sweet job to me 🙂 and the watch is totally “elementally” 🙂 Great description!!

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