The Northwood Student Ministry Band


So, I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now, these people above are the awesome musicians I have the privilege to lead worship with. Five of them are volunteers and they come every week and commit there time and talents to lead 150 to 180 students every week in worship without ever asking for anything. They do it because they love worship and they love students. Like I said, they are amazing people and musicians and I couldn’t do it without them! I wanted to share a few words about each of them… so I’ll go from left to right and top to bottom….

Austin – This is our bass player.. he also is the bass player for our side band Meet The Sky. We rag on Austin ALOT and he just keeps rolling with the punches. He is a great bass player and probably has some of the best stage presence I’ve seen! He has an enormous heart for ministry and students and I enjoy his energy on stage.

Jason – This is one of our electric guitar players. Jason’s been playing with us for about 5 months now, but as been playing at Northwood Church on and off for awhile. I really enjoy his attitude towards life and just the fun and goofy personality that he brings to the band. He’s an amazing painter and just an over all fun guy to be around.

Mikey – This is our lead guitarist and also my fellow employee at Northwood Church. He is the College ministry worship leader and our satellite campus worship leader on Sunday mornings. Mikey is an INCREDIBLE guitarist, worship leader, and one of my best friends. We hit it off immediately when I started playing at the church. Him and I share the same passion for worship and I truly feel privileged to  lead worship with him. I have learned a great deal from him from a guitar standpoint and a worship leading standpoint.

Ricky – This is our keyboard, electric guitar, and other acoustic player. He’s pretty much a triple threat! ha ha. He also leads worship for the youth when my voice is shot or whatever circumstance arise. Ricky is a great friend and musician and I enjoy every bit of the activities that we venture into. He is also the worship leader for Crosstown Community Church which is a church plant of Northwood Church where Austin and Jason play at as well. Luckily, he only has to lead on Sunday mornings, so we are able to use him for our services! He is an overall fun guy to be around!

Olivia – This is our main female vocalist. She is also the only high schooler that we use for the The Element. Olivia has an amazing heart for worship and for people. She is a middle school small group leader and has a huge impact on the girls in her group. It’s amazing to see and hear stories from the girls about how much they want to be like Olivia and how much of an influence she is in their lives. Olivia is attending Lee University next fall and it definitely is a huge hit to the team. But I know that God is going to grow and stretch her far beyond any thing she could imagine and that is really exciting to think about!! Besides, we’re praying that she listens to God’s Will and comes back after college. Ha Ha

Josh – This here is the best drummer in Charleston and I kid you not! Josh has been volunteering at Northwood for over ten years!!! Long before I was here and long before he was even a good drummer! ha ha He has such a  great attitude towards life and is so easy to work with. He only needs to hear a song once and he plays it perfectly! I love leading worship and playing in Meet The Sky with him. He is an awesome guy and is also a middle school small group leader. I really hope and pray that God keeps Josh in my life for a long time. I really see him and I playing together for a long time!

The rest of the musicians:

Brock – This is our highschool bass player. He plays for Shift (middle school environment) and The Avenue (high school environment). Brock has so much potential as a musician and It is really awesome to see him progress as a musician and a worship leader. He is a positive influence to the people around him and is always dependable. I have been so proud of him lately for the amount of devotion to learning his music and coming prepared. No matter how “stern” or “mean” I may get with him.. He keeps on keeping on and I know he knows I love em’!  I’m excited to see where God takes him musically or in his football career!

Jacoby – this is our high school lead guitarist. I see a little of myself in him when I watch him play guitar! ha ha. I am so proud and impressed about how far he’s come musically! He’s such a fun guy to be around and he is definitely one of the key worship leaders from the floor at The Element. Unfortunately he too is a senior and is going off to school so I’m really going to miss him and how he leads the students in expressing themselves in worship. He is vital part of the band!

Anna – last but certainly not least, this is our other high school female vocalist and acoustic playing. Anna has amazing stage presence and really is a great example of a worshipful heart. She has such a glow when she is on stage and he heart for worship and for life is contagious! I have really enjoyed having her in the band. She is also a senior and I look forward to seeing how God uses her in worship in the future.

I know this was a long post but I wanted to acknowledge the people who make what I do so great! Thank you guys and I love you all!


4 Responses to “The Northwood Student Ministry Band”

  1. why am i so diesel?

  2. This is such a great post Brian! I love the pic too, it’s like Olivia is the bright one of the group with her pink outfit on! So cute! You guys are doing such a great job leading these students for worship! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. sarah privatera Says:

    ogm(oh my gosh) when you guys sang in salyine I only listen to you guys you rock!!!!!!! p.s. I was the girl that drew the pic of brian I luv u guys

  4. sarah privatera Says:

    Hey guys keep those brillent song coming I cant get enough 🙂

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