Just a few thoughts… Worship verses Praise

img_1992-2 So lately, I’ve felt like I have made tremendous strides forward as a worship leader, I don’t say this to sound proud, but just as to say that it’s nice to feel that I have been growing in my profession. I just feel that I’ve been communicating much better with the audience and leading them into the presence of God. Ultimately, I am nothing and God is to be given all the glory for what’s been taking place at Northwood Church. But along with growing as a musician and a worship leader, I have been really trying to stretch myself with not only the experience, but by learning from some outside sources.

Over the last little while.. I’ve been reading a book by Kathleen Chapman called “Teaching Kids Authentic Worship”, it’s truly one of the best books on worship I’ve ever read! I’m hung up on this one section of the book where she discusses the difference between worship and praise. Get ready for this!!!…..

“Much of what the church practices as worship is not even close to what God spells out in Scripture. How many of the songs we sing and call worship are all about us? Read the words to the onslaught of new choruses and see how many pay homage to God ALONE. It’s a chilling reality that most of our time before God is spent focused on us. Worship must point to Him alone. Praise is more about us and our response to what God has done for us. Worship is about God alone – all adoration, adulation, awe, devotion, homage, honor, reverence, and wonder for who God is and what He has done. Worship comes first. It is, by direct order from God, the most important thing a Christian is to do. God created worship for Himself alone. Included may be elements of praise, tribute, thankfulness for who He is. But first and foremost we should sing worship to God alone without even mentioning ourselves.”

When I read this, I felt so guilty! Now I truly believe that God cares more about the heart, and I don’t believe that Kathleen is saying that what we do isn’t worshiping God because a verse mentions “we cry out”, but I think its something to consider when picking songs as a worship leader. I personally am going to try to pick more songs that solely focus on God, without mentioning “we” or “I”. Maybe this is a good time to start writing some new songs!!!

Anyways… just wanted to share what’s been on my mind! Please let me know what you think!


3 Responses to “Just a few thoughts… Worship verses Praise”

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Excellent point! I have always wondered why songs talk about praising God, but don’t directly praise to Him. If the song doesn’t say “you, God”, it’s essentially just like singing a song off the radio about, and not speaking to Him. It’s like praying to Him about Him, or in third person!
    Instead of saying, “what a wonderful maker” we should be saying, “Lord, YOU are a wonderful maker”!!

  3. What I see is that you are reaching a new level of intimacy with God personally. The depth of your relationship with Him will be reflected in your direction and focus for the youth you lead.

    My heart is so full of love and thanks for the man you are.

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