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The Element’s NEW new look!

Posted in Music, Random on May 21, 2009 by Brian Jarvis

So, its been over a month since my last post, this is due mainly because I haven’t really been feeling very bloggish you could say, but the last post I posted was about the new look of The Element, which is our Wednesday night environment for middle school and high school students. This new post is also about another makeover we gave to this environment.. Here’s the story…….

Well, Wednesday morning rolls around, and it is another EARLY 6 am prayer… to our surprise… our BRAND NEW (really expensive) projector isn’t working!! so.. that brought a slight issue for NSM (Northwood Student Ministry) because we use video and media to run our entire service!

To make the story shorter… Phillip (Student Pastor aka “the boss”) and I put our creative minds together and this is our outcome!!! It’s just another example of how God can turn bad situations into really cool ideas and creative explosions!!