Music at Northwood Student Ministry

3520801839_e20e98a7f5 So, I get asked a lot by other musicians and worship leaders, “What songs are you guys doing at your youth ministry? How do you know what songs will work? Are there certain worship songs that work for the different environments of your ministry?

So I thought I would save the trouble and just answer all of the questions now…

People that know me, know that I love the music coming out of Hillsong Church in Australia. So we definitely do our fair share of Hillsong United tunes. Also, Elevation Church in Charolotte, NC has a new record coming out and we have already began implementing some of their songs into our services and the kids really seem to really enjoy them.

We also do some North Point worship tunes from Steve Fee  and Kristian Stanfill. Planetshakers is another band from Australia that we get some of our music from.

As far as the question on which music hits home with the kids and what songs tank.. well… trial and error!!! Most of the time all of the songs we pick seem to work great, but then there are times where I think a song is gonna move the room, and instead the kids are just ready for the band to shut up… so.. you win some, you lose some.

I will say that I pick my songs by tempo and lyrical content. For the middle school, you want to pick fast upbeat fun songs with more of “surface level” content. Because to be honest most of your middle school students aren’t going to understand a song talking about the Trinity. Remember.. I’m speaking in general for most of the  middle school population attending our  services.

For our Wednesday night service “The Element” we try to keep the music very high energy and fun, same for our middle school service on Sunday mornings “Shift”. At The Avenue” which is our Sunday night High School service, we have more of a chance to go a little deeper and intimate.

Any more questions, I would be happy to answer!! I was just trying to keep this post brief. feel free to email me at:


One Response to “Music at Northwood Student Ministry”

  1. annabaur Says:

    very interesting. I know mikey always really puts a lot of thought into his song choices, and it sounds like you do too. Yall both do such an awesome job!! 🙂 I’m so proud haha

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