All it takes is a thanks….


Sometimes in ministry, it can get very emotionally, spiritually, and physically draining.. Especially in Student Ministry! You have those days where your just are ready to give up and question why you even try? I don’t think there is any underlining spiritual “heart” issue here.. it’s just part of being human! We all face “burnout” moments.

But the amazing thing about God, is that in those moments of complete exhaustion and self-doubt, He provides little ways to remind you that your doing a great job and He’s proud of you. at least for me, that’s what I hear Him say…

For me.. it’s a kid in the youth group that I don’t even know, coming up to me and telling me that “he’s glad I’m here and that he’s thankful for all that I do for him and the other kids at NSM.”

Holy cow! is that a punch to the gut or what!? “Pardon me, but I just have something in my eye!”

I mean, I know I’m not the only one who has those moments of being completely bewildered and blown away at the fact that God chooses to use me the way He does!!?

All I’m saying is that I’m thankful that God uses little things to make big impressions on my life..

Erwin McManus said it best in his book, “Soul Cravings”..

He writes, “There is nothing more rewarding than the overwhelming feeling of gratitude when someone you don’t know takes the time to tell you that even in the smallest ways you made a difference in their life”

Hope this is just a reminder in some way, that God is always speaking to you, if your listening…

I’m so thankful that God uses me.. THE END

Take Care!



One Response to “All it takes is a thanks….”

  1. I am so on the same page with your blog. I teach youth group for Clinton Baptist Church and I too have my days. Desiree is teaching most of the time now and she does an awesome job. You all really inspired her when you were here and she even wrote a new song. She is a really good singer and song writer, she just needs a little more confidence. Thanks and see ya soon.

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