My Soul Is Saved

This is the first of our “song introduction” videos. These are songs that we do here at Northwood Church that Mikey Baur (college ministry worship leader) and I have written, that we sing at our worship services! Hope you like them… P.S. I was sick when I sang this.. so please.. extend some grace!! 😀

My Soul Is Saved


4 Responses to “My Soul Is Saved”

  1. alexachloe Says:

    brian, i like this! and you said “written pacifically”. that’s so adorable

  2. megan markert Says:

    hey brian , um… wow disn’t know that u can sing. I was at the garage , u know brian burgess at habor light baptist church, he is youth minister . Anyway u have an amzing voice keep up the good work .

  3. this is cool! any advice on how to keep the attention of the youth group i am teaching? they are always fine until it comes time to settle down and do the lesson.

  4. Brian, i am incredibly impressed! Man God is doing something fierce not only in your life but in your church! More Glory, Honor & Praise to HIM! =) Thanks for sharing….fantastic.

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