Unquenchable Worshiper: Introduction

So, Phillip (Student Pastor) has encouraged me to reread “Unquenchable Worshiper” by Matt Redman, to really go back to the heart of worship in my own life. So this has led me to write a series of blogs on the parts that really stand out to me.

So I’ll begin with the introduction. Chapter 1: Unquenchable Worshiper….

An Unquenchable Worshiper is fueled “from a heart so amazed by God and His wonders that it burns a love that will not be extinguished. It survives any situation and lives through any circumstance. It will not allow itself to be quenched, for that would heap insult on the love it lives in response to.”

“The Heart of God loves the offerings of a persevering worshiper. Though overwhelmed by many troubles, they are even more overwhelmed by the beauty of God.”

“The revelation of God is the fuel for the fire of our worship”

“Every breath we breathe is a reminder of our maker, and every hour holds the possibility of living in His presence.”

It’s important to remember that “The heart of worship is fueled by essential things, such as reading God’s Word, praying to Him, and going to church to share fellowship together.”

Isn’t it so true, that most of the time, when we find that our worshipful hearts are dried up, it is because we haven’t been fueling the fire? It’s so crucial that we set aside time to soak ourselves under the showers of God’s revelation!

I want to close with this final quote:

“But if we can find space to soak ourselves in God’s Word, His presence, His creation and spend time with other believers, then we’ll find that the revelation floods back into our lives; and our hearts will respond with a blaze of worship once more.”

Hope you find this encouraging and challenging to really go deep into the Word and spend some time soaking in all that God has done for you, before you lead, play, or participate in the next worship service. What a difference it will make!


One Response to “Unquenchable Worshiper: Introduction”

  1. Really encouraging! Thanks Brian. I really miss being in a worship band. Keep doing what your doing. And although you might not always see it God is doing incredible things behind the scenes during every worship set!

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